A colorful floral arrangement featuring a mix of pink peonies, orange roses, white blooms, and purple flowers, with some leaves showcasing a hint of pink, is displayed indoors.

Unique Wedding Florists in California

Welcome to the enchanting world of unique wedding florists in California! Your elopement isn’t just a ceremony; it’s a personal expression of yourself and your love story. The right florist doesn’t just provide flowers; they craft an ambiance that elevates your elopement to an unforgettable experience. In this guide, I’m sharing super unqiue, artisan florists who bring creativity and personal touches to your elopement, ensuring your floral arrangements are as memorable as your vows.

Unique Flowers to Add to Your Wedding Bouquet

When it comes to crafting the perfect wedding bouquet, the choice of flowers is key to making your day truly unforgettable. California’s diverse climate offers a plethora of unique plants to make your wedding bouquet stand out. From the desert seeds of succulents to the wild beauty of thistles, air plants, and local wildflowers. Step beyond traditional blooms and trade an array of unique flowers that add character and texture to your elopement bouquet. So whether you’re drawn to the modern twist of air plants, the local allure of wildflowers, or the striking protea, there’s a world of options to explore. Here’s a list of super unique and stunning flower choices to enhance your weding bouquet:

For the SoCal Vibes:

  • Succulents: A Southern California staple. They don’t just add texture; they’re the symbol of desert elegance. They also blend seamlessly with other flowers, adding depth to the bouquet’s overall appearance.
  • Thistle: The first time I saw thistles included in a wedding arrangement, I was awed by their beauty. Thistles have this incredible way of adding a wild yet sophisticated touch. Their spiky appearance and lovely blue hues can stand out, making your floral arrangement truly one-of-a-kind.
  • Air Plants: For the couple seeking an unconventional twist to their wedding day, air plants are a perfect choice. Their durability allows them to stay fresh throughout the day and even beyond your elopement day.
  • Wildflowers: Wildflowers are a great way to support local ecosystems. Each time I’ve seen wildflowers used, they’ve added a personalized touch that reflects the couple’s story. Plus, they’re a conversation starter, connecting viewers to the environment and the unique choice of blooms.

For the NorCal Vibes:

  • Protea: Protea flowers are in a league of their own. With their bold shapes and vibrant colors, they are a statement piece. Their exotic appearance is guaranteed to captivate and enchant you. I even used proteas in my own wedding bouquet!
  • King Protea: King Protea takes proteas to the next level. Their large, commanding flowers, available in shades of pink, red, and white, are impossible to overlook.
  • Anemone: Anemones have this sort of ethereal quality to them, with their delicate petals and vibrant centers. You can find them in a palette of whites, pinks, and purples. I’ve always felt that anemones add a layer of delicate beauty to any arrangement, reminding me of fairytales.
  • Ranunculus: Ranunculus come with soft, layered petals. They bring a touch of elegance and romance to any bouquet. Whether used in soft pastels or vibrant oranges and yellows, ranunculus flowers have a way of making every bouquet look lush, full, and so damn romantic.
  • Dahlias: Dahlias are the show-stoppers of the floral world, with their wide range of colors and impressive sizes. I love how dahlias can fit into any wedding theme, from rustic to glamourous, adding personality to every wedding bouquet.

Unique Wedding Florists in Northern California

Northern California area is home to some amazing unique wedding florists who are all about creating something that’s totally you. You can find a bouquet that’s as one-of-a-kind as your love story, with a cool NorCal vibe. These featured florists aren’t just about flowers; they’re about making your day pop with personality and style. Whether you’re eloping among the redwoods, by the coast, or anywhere in between, here are some of the most unique, artisan wedding florists in Northern California.

Bloom and Vine (Davis)

Creates luxurious, bespoke floral designs that reflect the beauty and bounty of Napa Valley, perfect for a vineyard wedding.

A bride holding a vibrant wedding bouquet featuring a mix of deep red peonies, blush roses, white anemones, and exotic king protea, accented with delicate greenery and long, flowing ribbons against a white lace dress backdrop.

Paeonina (Sacramento)

Specializes in romantic and whimsical floral designs, using a mix of local and exotic flowers to create arrangements that tell a story.

A bride in a lace wedding gown holds a lush, artisanal bouquet featuring a mix of deep reds, soft pinks, and delicate whites with green foliage accents, showcasing a blend of traditional romance and modern botanical style

Hawthorn Flower Studio (Sonoma County)

Located in the heart of wine country, they specialize in using locally grown flowers to create rustic, elegant wedding arrangements.

Elegant wedding table setting featuring a centerpiece with a mix of delicate white sweet alyssum, peachy pink ranunculus, and whimsical oxalis foliage in a modern stone vase, complementing the fine china and gold-trimmed glassware on a blue linen tablecloth.

Wild Club Design (San Francisco)

Combines wild creativity with a deep respect for nature, offering bespoke floral designs that are both artistic and environmentally conscious.

A line-up of bridesmaids in earth-toned dresses holding whimsical greenery bouquets, with a central bride in a white lace gown showcasing a vibrant bouquet with an orange dahlia, white florals, and lush foliage, set against a serene forest backdrop.

Studio Modine (San Francisco)

Aims to bridge the gap between minimalist simplicity and the lush abundance of nature, creating ethereal and romantic floral designs.

A radiant bride in a bohemian-style wedding gown with a long, flowing veil, holding an elegant bouquet with orange blooms, standing in a cozy wooden cabin with rustic furnishings and large windows that let in natural light.

Farm Girl Flowers (San Francisco)

With a commitment to sustainability and American-grown flowers, Farmgirl Flowers offers beautiful, unique bouquets wrapped in reused burlap coffee bags. Their style is rustic yet refined, perfect for couples looking for something truly unique.

Lush floral arrangement on a marble tabletop featuring a vibrant assortment of pink and red roses, anemones, and complementary greenery, artistically displayed in a clear glass vase against a textured grey background.

Ampersand (San Francisco)

Known for their modern and bold designs, Ampersand SF combines unconventional elements with traditional flowers to create stunning, memorable bouquets and decor.

A whimsical bouquet with a blend of bright yellow poppies, delicate pink peonies, and wildflowers, accented by long pastel ribbons, set against a classic window with tulips reflecting the vibrant floral theme.

Twigs Floral Design (California Central Coast)

A specialized design atelier dedicated to crafting exquisite floral compositions for your momentous occasions. Operating from the heart of California’s Central Coast, we provide our services to the regions of Carmel Valley, Pebble Beach, Monterey, Carmel, and Big Sur.

A bride holds a stunning bouquet filled with a variety of red flowers, including intricate dahlias and delicate ferns, complementing her intricate lace wedding dress.

Tumbleweed Floral Design (East Bay)

Offers a unique approach to wedding florals, with a mobile design studio that brings creativity and charm to each event.

An overhead view of an elegantly set dining table featuring a centerpiece with lush coral and peach blooms, including ranunculus and peonies, accented by sprigs of yellow and soft pink, with gold cutlery, fine china, and crystal stemware.

Poppy Flowers (San Francisco)

Poppy flowers are thoughtfully sourced from local growers and designed with eco-consciousness at their core.

An eclectic bouquet bursting with vibrant colors, featuring an array of flowers such as pink roses, yellow lilies, and delicate white sweet peas, set against a lush green backdrop

Unique Wedding Florists in Southern California

Southern California is home to some seriously cool and unique wedding florists. These aren’t your everyday flower arrangers; we’re talking about creative geniuses who can take your wedding vibes and turn them into floral magic. Here are some of Southern California’s most unique wedding florists and get ready to be wowed by what they can do with blooms and greens!

Gilly (Los Angeles)

Gilly is dedicated to providing exquisite flowers for all occasions, from a single bloom to grand events, and aims to make a positive impact in the community.

A vibrant bouquet with a variety of flowers including a large pink rose, red roses, yellow blooms, and orange pincushion proteas, complemented by an assortment of greenery, is displayed against a grey background.

Isa Isa (Los Angeles)

Focuses on the use of seasonal flora, which often includes locally sourced and foraged blooms, twigs, seedpods, and fruits. They are passionate about crafting spaces that evoke emotions, embrace the unusual, and draw inspiration from the wondrous.

An outdoor dining table is set with a centerpiece featuring greenery, orange flowers, and small fruits. In the background, a lawn stretches towards a building and mountain range, with large agave plants visible.

Offerings (Los Angeles)

Driven by a passion to infuse living spaces and special occasions with a sense of happiness and love. By acknowledging the timeless allure and significance of flowers, Offerings seeks to enhance the appreciation for the deep-rooted connection between humans and botanicals.

A vibrant bouquet of flowers, including pink roses, blue delphiniums, and large magenta dahlias, adorns a sunlit banquet table, accompanied by cut oranges and a menu card.

Wild Flora (Studio City)

WildFlora combines floral and landscape design and is committed to eco-friendly practices influenced by Californian style. Their shop features a variety of florals, plants, personal and home items, all selected and crafted to support the local economy and environment.

A hand is adjusting a floral arrangement in a glass vase, featuring orange roses, red amaranth draping, and various greenery. The bouquet is placed on a grey surface with a shadow pattern cast upon it, suggesting a sunny environment.

Twigs & Thyme (Beverly Hills)

Twigs & Thyme is dedicated to infusing natural splendor and refined floral designs into daily settings and spaces. Their curated selection of distinctive flowers, succulents, and plants sourced globally ensures each client experiences a memorable floral arrangement.

A vibrant floral arrangement in a vase featuring bold pink dahlias, red roses, orange blooms, and lush greenery set against a dark gray background.

Native Poppy (San Diego)

Native Poppy is a woman-owned florist in San Diego specializing in deliveries and arrangements for various occasions and fostering a connection with the community through their love of flowers. Their stores double as creative spaces featuring seasonal art installations by local artists and a selection of artisan-made gifts. Emphasizing environmental responsibility and joy, the Native Poppy team sources from woman-owned farms, including their own local farm, celebrating life with gratitude and creativity.

A person is holding a large bouquet of flowers which includes orange ranunculus, pink peonies, and other assorted pink and white flowers. The individual is wearing a white lace dress with puffed sleeves, and only the torso and arms of the person are visible in the frame.

Desert Rose Creative (Joshua Tree)

Passionate about bringing clients’ visions to life with the beauty of floral design, which adds a touch of joy and beauty to any occasion.

A close-up of a couple, with one person in a black sheer-sleeved dress holding a bright bouquet of red and orange flowers, and the other person wearing a turquoise suit with a coordinating floral boutonniere.

Posy Laboratory (Joshua Tree)

Holds a deep passion for arid landscapes, botany, and exquisite design, along with a commitment to assisting others and contributing to the conservation of our planet and its inhabitants.

A person in a white top holds a bouquet featuring peach ranunculus, pink carnations, greenery, and sprigs of yellow accent flowers.

Moss & Meadow (Pasadena)

Moss & Meadow crafts unique, personalized floral arrangements with a commitment to sustainable practices, blending natural inspiration with artistic expression. This boutique studio’s origins in cherished gardening memories fuel a belief in the transformative and restorative qualities of flowers.

A person holds a lush bridal bouquet featuring a mix of bright orange, peach, and magenta flowers, accented with delicate greenery.

Flora & Fauna Flower Co.

Specializes in lush, garden-inspired arrangements that bring a touch of whimsy and romance to any wedding.

A colorful floral arrangement featuring a mix of pink peonies, orange roses, white blooms, and purple flowers, with some leaves showcasing a hint of pink, is displayed indoors.

Choosing the right wedding florist in California means finding someone who can translate your personal story into the language of flowers. If you’re planning an elopement and in need of capturing these timeless moments, I’m here as your elopement photographer. My lens is ready to document your story. For more inspiration and tips on planning your perfect day, check out my other blogs linked here. Together, let’s create magic!

Here's to co-creating an unforgettable elopement experience.

Here's to co-creating an unforgettable elopement experience.

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