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Unique Elopement Wedding Ideas

Are you ready to commit your life to your partner whom you love, but feel trapped in the boundaries of the traditional wedding? Not a center-of-attention type of person? Maybe the thought of a white gown, church-style, all-eyes -on-you wedding day scares you.  Maybe you’re not interested in entertaining crowds of people on a day which is supposed to be enjoyed and cherished primarily and most importantly by you and your partner. I believe everyone should be able to enjoy a day perfectly curated by you and your partner. If this sounds like a better option, an elopement may be the route for you. This does not necessarily mean a courthouse wedding or Vegas-style elopement, although it could mean that. Most importantly, it means crafting the perfect unique experience and day for you and your partner. 

Not sure what this looks like? Here are a few options for unique elopement wedding ideas.

Think honestly about the things you and your partner love doing together. What are some of your favorite hobbies or activities as a couple? What do you love to do with each other? When is your relationship the most fun? Consider incorporating this activity or hobby into the adventure of your wedding day:

Enjoy a game of cribbage with your morning coffee.

Ride your bicycles on a path you’ve spent hours on.

Take a morning hike to catch the sunrise.

Sit next to a fire watching the stars.

Watch the sunset over the water.

End the night with a dip in a cold river after a hot sauna.

Make it a true-to-you experience, whatever it may be. 

Are you and your partner the spontaneous adventure type? Plan a trip to somewhere you’ve never been before. Eat at new places, find beautiful properties to rent out and enjoy. Visit the dream destination you’ve always wanted to visit, and plan a beautiful itinerary celebrating the story of your relationship. Spend the week adventuring in New Zealand, or rent a home in Bali to enjoy. If travel fuels your soul and adds some spice to your relationship, consider incorporating it on your wedding day and you will surely never forget it.

Returning to a special or significant place in your relationship is another option to consider. There are sacred places in all relationships. Imagine visiting a place which holds a cherished memory on your wedding day, or returning to a place that feels like home in your relationship. Take a walk along the beach where you first said you loved each other, have a picnic in the park where the proposal took place. Capturing the vivid emotions present when visiting a significant place in your love story helps me to tell the story of your relationship through the art of photography and film. 

If a more traditional wedding day style is what you desire, don’t worry! You don’t have to sacrifice the traditional elements of a wedding day that you wish to incorporate. I love photographing small, intimate elopement weddings in cherished places. Outdoor weddings are some of my favorite ceremonies I get to capture. Maybe you grew up hiking in a particular park with your family. Consider seeking permission to have an intimate, outdoor wedding gathering. Set up a small gathering space on the beach or say your vows on the first mountain you summited, and get the private, personal experience you always wanted. 

Think about where you want to be and what you want to be doing when you want to exchange your vows—On the beach at sunrise, on a mountain at sunset, sitting next to a fire at night under the stars. Whatever it may be, make sure your experience is personal and meaningful to you and your partner. Use these elopement wedding ideas to create a special day. Make it a fun, personal, private celebration for the two of you and the next stage of your life together as a married couple. You deserve it.


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