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Top 5 Reasons to Elope

You’re engaged; congrats! Now what? Some people have dreamed of their perfect wedding day since childhood, and many probably saw it as a traditional wedding day. But with the trend of eloping rising ever more popular, many couples are deciding to abandon the traditional wedding and choose to elope instead. In this post, I have compiled a list of the top 5 reasons to elope.

Eloping avoids stress and family drama:

Elopements tend to be more stress-free, relaxed, and easy-going. It’s an intimate day of epic adventure and pure celebration. You can truly enjoy the moment and make it memorable for you and your love.

Elopements also allow you to avoid every obligation and expectation that other people have of what your wedding day should look like. In this way, elopements not only permit you to bypass family drama but also allow you to celebrate your day exactly how you both want to!

Eloping saves a lot of money:

Although this isn’t the primary reason couples choose to elope – it is certainly a perk! Eloping cuts out the unwanted costs and often costs less money than traditional marriage.

Most couples spend $10,000-$15,000 to elope, significantly less than the average $30,000 for a traditional wedding. So if there’s any significant reason why you should elope, it’s the average cost of a wedding to push you in the eloping direction!

Elopement makes your wedding day intimate & meaningful:

An elopement is intimate, private, meaningful, and only about you and your fiancé sharing love and having authentic experiences without anyone’s involvement. It’s truly personal to you and your sweetheart, and you don’t have to worry about the venue, guests, the food service, or anything else!

Imagine exchanging vows and celebrating your union with a picturesque background, sharing the first kiss, and showing each other a range of emotions that you might not want to share in front of hundreds of your guests. But, of course, it’s all possible when you elope!

Elopement can avoid stressful religious ties:

If you’re marrying someone with different cultural beliefs and religious backgrounds, combining two families with varying wedding traditions can sometimes be difficult. But in an elopement ceremony, you can avoid any religious disagreements between the families while still being able to get married uniquely.

Elopement gives opportunity to explore new locations:

When eloping, the location options are endless. You can have a lakeside elopement, mountain elopement, beach elopement, urban elopement, clifftop elopement. The choice to explore is yours!

Eloping to a destination not only allows you to explore a new place with your love but is also adventurous and memorable for your wedding day. Therefore, eloping in a destination is another big reason you should choose elopement over a traditional wedding.

Final Words:

Ultimately, it is up to you to decide whether you’re more aligned with an elopement or a full-scale wedding. One choice is not better than the other, because each couple will have their own preferences and opinions. For those who wish to have a big day with less stress, less drama, less planning, and coordination– then elopement could be the right choice for them! Did you find yourself identifying with one of the top 5 reasons to elope?

I’m Karen, a California elopement photographer who empowers couples to create memories that will last a lifetime. I am dedicated to providing the tools you need to push the boundaries of tradition and create an unforgettable experience. 

I help all couples worldwide by providing personalized location lists, planning resources, vendor recommendations, permits, timeline-curation, and much more to curate elopement days that will be cherished forever.

here's to co-creating an unforgettable elopement experience


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