Tips to Consider When Planning an Elopement Wedding

Tips to Consider When Planning an Elopement Wedding

When putting together a timeline, it’s easy jam your day with loads of activities because this is all so exciting! However, having a packed timeline can create more stress. Because I want your wedding day to be a breeze for you to fully enjoy, I’ve compiled some tips to support the logistic when putting together your wedding day timeline:


In the early stages of planning your elopement it can be easy to start scheduling a day filled with exciting hikes, locations, and loads of activities. However, this often leads to a day that’s just as stressful and packed as a traditional wedding. My goal as your photographer is to help you slow down and be present on your day. So while it’s tempting to fit in multiple locations, trails, and views–try to limit to 1-3 major activities throughout the day.


Viewpoints are often 1-2 hours between each other or even from your Airbnb. Consider the amount of drive time being added to your timeline, also if you’ll be driving slower on the mountains, if it’s your first time visiting the area, if you want to make stops along the way, etc.


Think of your timeline as an outline so everyone’s on the same page. Sometimes things don’t go according to plan. What if you want to stop for photos along your drive, if you’re just running late, need more time to change, hair and makeup took longer than expected.. and so on. Plan extra time in between activities throughout the day so you won’t have to worry if there are any setbacks.


Most tourists and hikers will reach the trailhead or begin their activities between 8:00 am – 9:30 am. To create more intimate moments for private vow exchanges, first looks, or ceremonies, I like to hike up to a viewpoint right before sunrise. This is typically the most private way to experience the view.

In case of mishaps, a “back-up” sunset hike can be planned. Sunset often lasts longer than sunrise and tends to be more colorful on a clear day. It is a busier time of day and if you’d like to avoid the crowd, a longer hike or reserved area can help.

My favorite time of day to shoot is sunrise and sunset as the lighting is stellar all around.


Mid-day is notorious for being the worst lighting for photos. We can save the mid-day for a break. lunch, or any activity you’d like. On overcast days the lighting will be fine for photos as it blocks the harsh rays! If we see that your elopement day is overcast and your timeline is flexible, we may be able to move things around to avoid hiking in the dark (if hiking is on the agenda).

  1. Anna Collins says:

    My sister is planning to elope with her lover, so she turned to me for help regarding the preparations for her small ceremony. I found it helpful when you advised how mid-day has the worst lighting for photos, so it’s best to avoid that time or settle for overcast days if you don’t want harsh rays on your pictures. I’ll be sure to remember this while I help her look for elopement packages available that she might consider.


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