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Los Pinos Peak Adventure Engagement

I invited my friends Ashley and Alex to come on a hiking journey with my boyfriend and I to Los Pinos Peak in the Cleveland National Park. We turned this experience into a fun adventure engagement shoot.

We originally planned to hike in the Angeles Nat’l Forest, but switched plans last minute due to snow and we wanted a simple hike (lol keep reading).

I sent Ashley the trail via AllTrails. I had read the trail info when I was half asleep and remembered the word “moderate,” which I assumed was the trail rating. Turns out, the trail is “moderately trafficked” and the trail rating is actually “hard.” I love a good ass-kicker though! This was surely set up for the most adventure engagement. Ashley and Alex were down for really anything hehe.

The trail started out on an uphill exposed dirt fire road. Views of the city and mountain peaks rewarded the trek. The last portion to the peak involved shrubbery, some shade, and windy weather. Los Pinos peak has a small locker and notepad of letters from previous hikers. We enjoyed a snack and snapped away some photos of their recent engagement. The view of a snow capped Mount Baldy reminded me of my summit a few years back.

The way back to the trailhead was relatively simple and downhill. We stopped for some vegan Thai-inspired foods before parting ways.

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