A couple is pictured at Los Pinos Peak, which is at an elevation of 4510 feet, as indicated by the sign. They are enjoying a sunny day outdoors, with the man standing and the woman seated on a rock, her legs draped over his. They appear to be sharing a light-hearted, affectionate moment against a backdrop of distant mountains and clear skies.

Los Pinos Peak Engagement Adventure

Last weekend, I roped in my buddies Ashley and Alex for a hike up to Los Pinos Peak in the Cleveland National Forest, and it turned into more than just a hike – it was an impromptu engagement photo session! It all started with me casually sending Ashley the trail info via AllTrails. In my half-asleep state, I mistook the trail’s “moderately trafficked” tag for a “moderate” difficulty rating. Oops! Turns out, it’s actually rated “hard.” But hey, I’m always up for a challenging trail that kicks my ass. Read on to discover just how this Los Pinos Peak Engagement Adventure came to fruition.

The Journey

Our journey kicked off on an uphill fire road, offering us amazing views of the city and distant mountain peaks. Nearing the peak, we wandered through shrubby paths and were greeted by cooler, windy conditions. The peak itself was a treasure, complete with a hiker’s locker and a notepad filled with notes from past adventurers. We took a break, snacked, and captured some beautiful shots of Ashley and Alex’s recent engagement, with the snow-capped Mount Baldy in the backdrop – which, by the way, brought back memories of my own summit a few years ago.

The hike back was a breeze, all downhill, chatting and laughing about the day’s surprises. To cap off the adventure, we indulged in some delicious vegan Thai-inspired cuisine before going our separate ways. It was a day of unexpected turns, laughter, and creating memories on the trail. Of all the surprises on this trip, the most exciting is getting to have a Los Pinos Peak Engagement Adventure.

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Here's to co-creating an unforgettable elopement experience.

Here's to co-creating an unforgettable elopement experience.

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