How to Elope with Family and Friends -

How to Elope with Family and Friends

Planning an elopement wedding is an extremely fun process, but one question many couples face is how to incorporate to loved ones on their special day. Because each elopement is unique, you are in complete control of how you elope, where you elope, and who you want to be present on your elopement day. Many couples may desire both private intimacy with just their partners on their elopement day, as well as the shared support and love from family and friends. Finding the right balance between these two opposites while elopement planning may prove to be an interesting challenge. Here are some things to think about when planning an elopement with family and friends.

Be strategic in the planning of your day

Remember that your elopement wedding is your own, and it can look like whatever you want it to look like. Family and friends don’t necessarily have to be present during the vow exchange, although they most certainly can be included if that’s what you prefer. If you would rather say your vows in a private, intimate way with just the two of you, that’s perfect too! There are plenty of ways you can elope with family and friends without feeling like you need to entertain or be responsible for them. One of the best ways to do this is to be strategic in the planning of your day.

Consider splitting up your day so you enjoy are able to enjoy private intimacy with your partner, as well as experience the excitement, support and love from your family and friends. Maybe you could enjoy a beautiful morning hike with you and your partner, saying your vows at the peak of a sunrise hike, or sitting next to the flowing river where you first said you loved each other. Then, meet up with family and friends afterwards for an evening of celebration. Treat it more like a traditional wedding and keep your vow exchange ceremony private, and invite family and friends for a reception celebration afterwards. Remember your elopement doesn’t necessarily have to take place in just one day. Splitting up your elopement celebration over the course of a couple of days, or even a long weekend, is a great option for many couples. That way, you will have plenty of time and freedom in deciding what moments you would like to keep as private, and sacred moments between you and your partner, and what moments you want to welcome loved ones into celebration with you.

Include family and friends in other important areas

Maybe you have an amazing elopement adventure planned with just you and your partner, but you still want to somehow elope with family and friends on the day of your celebration. Consider including family and close friends in those intimate getting ready moments, or dedicate the morning of your elopement day to spending time with your loved ones and feeling their support and blessings. You can include them in parts of the day where you will feel enriched by their presence and showered with love, without them being there the whole time.

Consider a unique location

Because you won’t need to mess with accommodating large groups of people, a destination wedding, or an intimate getaway to a fun location are wonderful options. Consider spending some of the money you would spend on the venue, party favors, meal, and vendors of a traditional wedding and instead spend it on renting out a gorgeous beachside property in a tropical location, or a private house in the mountains for the week. Invite your closest loved ones to celebrate with you for a few days at a time. This can be a special and adventurous way to elope with family and friends.

Intimate gatherings in locations that hold meaning to you and your significant other are another beautiful option. Because your group will be smaller, you will be able to utilize unconventional spaces and unique locations with ease. As long as you keep your group’s basic needs in mind if you are planning any sort of adventure for the day, your options are plentiful. A national park ceremony, a backyard bash, or a beachside ceremony become effortlessly appealing options.

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