A person in a suit faces a smiling bride holding a vow book, both standing in front of a textured sandy hill.

Desert Vows: A Zabriskie Point Elopement Wedding

I’m so excited to share part two of this styled elopement as a continuation of J and D’s elopement. In part one, we explored Mesquite Flat Sand Dunes where we were hit by a haboob. Once the storm settled, we continued the magic. Part two of their wedding story shares a Zabriskie Point elopement in Death Valley National Park.

A couple embraces for a kiss atop the beige, rippled hills of Zabriskie Point with the groom holding a bouquet.

About Zabriskie Point

Zabriskie Point is a must-see viewpoint in Death Valley National Park. It’s known for its wavy badlands and the sweeping views it offers of the surrounding valley. It’s named after Christian Zabriskie, vice-president of a borax mining business way back the early 20th century. Getting there is easy- a quick walk from the parking area takes you right to the viewpoint.

The best time to visit Zabriskie Point is either sunrise or sunset. A sunrise visit will reward you with seclusion. The sun rises from the east and will first light up the peaks of the badlands, gradually revealing its layers. At sunset, the sun sets behind you when facing Zabriskie Point. This creates deep shadows and dramatic contrasts. You’ll also witness an amazing sunset of oranges and blues.

Two individuals hold hands in a desolate, sandy landscape with the beige, textured hills of Zabriskie Point surrounding them.

Part Two: Exchanging Vows in the Badlands

When we arrived with J and D to Zabriskie Point, the dust storm had just settled. The sky was still hazy, making the scene appear apocalyptic. We left our cars in the parking area and made the brief walk up the paved road to the main viewpoint. We stopped off just a little ways before to capture some moments with the wavy, beige badlands. J and D had a little first dance and twirled around on their platform. J’s boho dress spun with such grace in an effortless beauty. If you’re having a Zabriskie Point elopement where you’re surrounded with unique terrain, it’s a must to have a private first dance!

We then made our way further into the canyon walls to find the perfect, secluded spot for their vow exchange. J and D held hands as they read from their vow books. We ended their adventure elopement watching the hazy sunset at the top of Zabriskie Point. The storm had mixed up a purple palette for the Panamint Range in the distance.

Death Valley National Park is one of the most underrated parks in California. It has the most variety in a desert with totally unique settings, making it in my top three favorite national parks. Your adventure elopement could include many backdrops just by driving to the top spots in Death Valley. If you’re into a more rugged experience, Death Valley has countless off-road trails in its backcountry. Contact me to get started on planning your wedding in Death Valley.

Here's to co-creating an unforgettable elopement experience.

Here's to co-creating an unforgettable elopement experience.

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