Death Valley National Park Elopement - Karen Agurto Photography

Death Valley National Park Elopement

Undoubtedly, one of my favorite places to capture the love stories of couples andelopement weddings is California’s Death Valley National Park. The picturesque desert ambiance, the unique play of textures, and gorgeous mountains surrounding the area really make an impressive scenery to frame your memories.

Death Valley Elopement at Artist’s Palette

Before the crack of dawn, we were already at Artist’s Palette. Alissa and Michael had gotten ready at a nearby hotel, everyone anticipating the exciting day ahead of us.

As it was before sunrise, the atmosphere was magical. Alissa looked stunning in her wedding dress and Michael complimented her beauty with his suit. We made our way through the canyon as the sun was beginning to light the surrounding mountains and landscape. The desert glowed in oranges and reds. Artist’s Palette was painted in blues, shades of red and orange, pinks and tans. They finished their vows in the canyon just as the sun was beginning to peak over the hill! We popped out the champagne and celebrated. Their story unfolded beautifully, and I enjoyed portraying every single moment of their Death Valley elopement.

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