Mesquite Flats + Zabriskie Point Adventure Wedding -

Mesquite Flats + Zabriskie Point Adventure Wedding

Death Valley is one of those places you don’t easily forget. It is one of the most unique and interesting places for an adventure wedding. The scenic views, the unique, one-of-a-kind landmarks and sights, the multitude of hikes to take and routes to drive and things to explore make this one of my personal favorites.

Sometimes storms bring blessings in disguise. These were taken after a sand storm. As the weather settled, we made our way into the canyon, however, I didn’t expect the sky to be so beautifully magical. It was after sunset which was perfect both for intimacy as there were not many people, but also for getting this lovely sky canvas to frame Jessica and Danny’s love. Paired with the rugged area, it really resulted in a wonderful emotional composition that reflected their personalities.

If you have Death Valley National Park in mind for your adventure wedding, I explain how to make that dream come to life here.


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