Meet Your Elopement Photographer

Karen’s work is incredible! We watched the slideshow tonight with our daughter and it was perfect for story telling. Karen delivers more than just a file of photos, she delivers a story. With Karen’s well balanced guidance, energy, and peacefulness My husband and I were able to submerge ourselves in the present moment and truly feel like it was just the two of us.

About Karen



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     I thrive on new experiences and have a love for travelling, meeting people around the world, stories, and cultures. I have lived in the Bay Area, Sacramento, Los Angeles, and currently in Orange County. The outdoors have my whole heart. I am happiest when backpacking, hiking, camping, swimming in a river- anywhere with nature. 

     I love a good cuddle with my dogs and boyfriend. I'm drawn to all things Halloween and supernatural. When I'm not teaching preschoolers with special needs, I'm photographing love stories. I cherish every story of how you met to what brought you to this page. I'm so lucky to document such important moments in a way that you can relive the special moments of your wedding day.

I believe your wedding day should be a reflection of your partnership, and not just an event for others to enjoy. An elopement and small wedding gives you the freedom to craft the actual best day of your life.

As a hard-core introvert, I love the intimacy of a "just us" wedding day and the safe space it delivers. Your safe space with your person is precious. If you value experiencing meaningful, intentional, and genuine moments with their partner, I'm your girl.

I'm not about beating around the bush and putting on performances- I want you to truly show up as you are on your wedding day. And I want you make some damn good memories you can look back on and be brought to happy tears.

hey, I'm glad you're here.

Why Elopements?