I've always thrived in exploring the world- backpacking outdoors, catching flights to new countries, or driving my car across the country for a road trip adventure.

I'm inspired by these experiences and share my passion with couples I get to work with.

I eloped myself in the breathtaking Italian Dolomites away from the crowds, with the people I'm most comfortable being me, and created the most precious memories with the love of my life. Our wedding entrance was via ski chairlift!

I had the wedding of my dreams.

It is possible to have a stress-free elopement of your dreams among a landscape indescribable in words, while hand-in-hand with your life partner. I know, because that was my experience.

I support my couples in achieving this- in living out their dream wedding.

California Elopement Photographer

specializing in nature-inspired wedding experiences for fellow introverts

Hi, I'm Karen.

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Karen’s work is incredible! We watched the slideshow tonight with our daughter and it was perfect for story telling. Karen delivers more than just a file of photos, she delivers a story. With Karen’s well balanced guidance, energy, and peacefulness My husband and I were able to submerge ourselves in the present moment and truly feel like it was just the two of us.